Privacy Policy

    1. 1.1.Vehicular™ respects your privacy and is committed to the voluntary privacy protection principles contained in Chapter 8 of the ECT Act.
    2. 1.2.The User’s attention is drawn to the fact that information transmitted via the Internet, including e-mail, is susceptible to monitoring and interception. The User is therefore discouraged from transmitting to the Website or Vehicular™ any information that may be confidential, proprietary, or sensitive. The User shall bear all risk of transmitting such information in this manner and under no circumstances will Vehicular™ be liable for any loss, harm, or damage suffered by the User as a result thereof.
    3. 1.3.The Website owner reserves the right to request independent verification of any information transmitted via e-mail and the User consents to such verification should Vehicular™ deem it necessary.
    4. 1.4.Where you submit personal information (such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address to the Website, for example through sending a Data Message when interacting on the Personal social platform or filling in required fields, the following principles are observed in the handling of that information:
      •     1.4.1.Vehicular™ collects, processes and stores only such personal information regarding users as is necessary to provide the services offered. The specific purpose for which information is collected is apparent from the context in which it is requested.
      •     1.4.2.Vehicular™ will not use the personal information submitted for any other purpose other than the efficient provision of services, including this Website and services offered through it by third parties, without obtaining the prior written approval of the User or unless required to do so by law. The names and e-mail addresses of account holders and persons taking advantage of the trial offer are retained for verification purposes.
      •     1.4.3.Vehicular™ will keep records of all personal information collected and the specific purpose for which it was collected for a period of at least one year from the date on which it was last used.
      •     1.4.4.Subject to clause 51.2 above, Vehicular™ will not disclose any personal information regarding a User to any third party unless the prior written agreement of the User is obtained or Vehicular™ is required or permitted to do so by law.
      •     1.4.5.If personal information is released with the User’s consent, Vehicular™ will retain a record of the information released, the third party to which it was released, the reason for the release and the date of release, for a period of one year after such release.
      •     1.4.6.Vehicular™ will destroy or delete any personal information under its control, which has become obsolete.
    5. 1.5.Vehicular™ will not utilise personal and other information submitted by Users through the use of this Website in order to provide further information about the Website and related services unless users have expressly given prior permission.
    6. 1.6.In the event of the sale of Vehicular™’s business or this Website or associated services and sites, Vehicular™ will stipulate that the sale shall be subject to the condition that the purchaser observes the provisions of this privacy policy in the handling of personal information of Users.
    7. 1.7.Note that, as permitted by the ECT Act, this Website may use personal information collected to compile profiles for statistical purposes. No information contained in the profiles or statistics will be able to be linked to any specific user.
    8. 1.8.In order to provide the best possible and most relevant service, this Website utilises cookies. A cookie is a small file that is placed on the User’s hard drive in order to keep a record of a user’s interaction with this Website and facilitate user convenience.
    9. 1.9.Cookies from this Website allow Vehicular™ to tailor advertising and other services to your displayed preferences. The Website may use third party cookies from an adserver for this purpose.
    10. 1.10.Cookies by themselves will not be used to personally identify Users but will be used to compile anonymous statistics relating to use of services offered or to provide us with feedback on the performance of this Website.
    11. 1.11.The following classes of information will be collected in respect of Users who have enabled cookies:
      •     1.11.1.The browser used;
      •     1.11.2.IP address;
      •     1.11.3.Date and time of activities while visiting the Website;
      •     1.11.4.URLs of internal pages visited; and,
      •     1.11.5.Referrers.
    12. 1.12.If a user does not wish cookies to be employed to customize his or her interaction with this Website it is possible to alter the manner in which their browser handles cookies. Please note that, if this is done, certain services on this Website may not be available.
    13. 1.13.Where a User believes that personal data concerning them held by Vehicular™ is outdated or incorrect they may request that such personal data be corrected by editing their account.
    14. 1.14.You may request that Vehicular™ cease sending you any information or request that your personal information be removed from our database at any time by deactivating your account.
    15. 1.15.We have no control over and accept no responsibility for the privacy practices of any third party sites to which hyperlinks may have been provided on this Website and we strongly recommend that you review the privacy policy of any site you visit before using it further.
    16. 1.16.While reasonable measures are taken to ensure the security and integrity of information submitted to or collected by this site, this Website can not under any circumstances be held liable for any loss or other damage sustained by a user or users as a result of the release of information by Vehicular™, an employee of Vehicular™ or any third party where such release was not due to any fault on the part of such persons.
    17. 1.17.We regard the safety and privacy of children using this Website extremely seriously but it remains the ultimate responsibility of the parents and other care-givers of children to ensure that they are not exposed to inappropriate content or behaviour.

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