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Buying a car can be a big investment and a tricky task as well. It is quite important to have an expansive range of options to select from and when you have so much choices then indecision creeps in. 

If you are a newbie and you have no experience in the automotive industry, selecting the best car for you may seem like a daunting task, we know that you want the best vehicle in return for your investment.

To make your car search experience easier, we have designed one of the best online car comparison tools in South Africa. You will find an extensive range of cars available from your search options and you can quickly compare your favorite cars to select which is best and make an informed decision.

You can compare up to three vehicles and see side-by-side information on Year model, fuel consumption, tyre sizes and other necessary details.

Our car comparison tool works precisely to help you better make an informed decision, whether you are buying a pre-owned car or a brand new vehicle, our comparison tool will guide you all the way.

Why Choose Vehicular Over Others?

Vehicular is the one of the best online automotive search tool in South Africa. We help our customers trade their cars easily. Our auto-dealerships and private customers are satisfied customers which motivates us to be progressive and continue to serve. We are sitting on top of the list amongst car comparison sites because of our effective comparison and display tools.

Our database is growing and quite vastly, we display cars to include pricing, specifications, performance, safety, and every other important features.


After properly surfing and noting necessary information about your potential buy, you can then proceed to use our car comparison tool to compare your car choices so as to be sure you are getting the best deal.

Select 'Compare' then choose one or two other different brands or model to compare side-by-side. When you compare cars, you are 50% closer to chosing the right car because you will handy with information about these cars on display and it will give you an idea of which car you really want .. Proceed to contacting the seller/dealership, Arrange a test drive and Own it !


We are a reliable online medium that connect auto-dealerships and private car sellers with potential buyers, provide competent car reviews to enthusiasts and provide different tools including the Check Car History tool to assist buyers in making informed decisions, we are an overall automotive hub.


Our motto is 'Offering efficient and reliable service' to our customers, dealerships and individuals alike, from different corners of the country. We have simplified and de-clustered the car search process so it is never hard for you to find the car you want on Vehicular. Finding the 'right' car has never been easier. Every tool you need is available with Vehicular.


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