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Yes! You can check the history of any car on Vehicular™ for a very small fee, all you need is the car registration number and we will feed you with all the standard information about the vehicle to include but not limited to manufactured year and discontinued date if vehicle is no more in production.


Individuals who sell & buy cars on our platform are guaranteed access to tens of thousands of car lovers and enthusiast which makes Vehicular™ the perfect platform to sell & buy your beloved automobile. We are the hub of buyers and sellers alike!


We treat our dealerships like partners because we understand the language of trust in business and they trust us as much as we them, this is why we are partners with hundreds of dealerships across the country who have trusted our service enough to sell cars on our platform.


Our trade-in section is a precedent when it comes to online car transactions, this section allows you to list your car for trade-in, describe details of the car you want from the trade-in with further options to select how much more money you want or how much money you’re willing to add to the trade-in or should it be a fair trade, you can also indicate. Cool right?


Due to rising concerns about combustion and it’s effect on our climate, our vehicular electric team will focus on electric cars, it’s future sustenance and how deeply it will dig in the average citizens pocket plus the pecks and merits of driving a green, eco-friendly, futuristic car. How switching from fuel to KwH might just change all our lives.

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